When finding Kiko models do not be put off in the stickers seem to be not stuck very well this is quite normal to find them loose in the box of fitted at an angel 

Kiko a Brazilian company wanted to sell die-cast vehicles but due to Brazilian import laws this would be a very expensive. The company did lots of deals live majorette, Corgi, Siku and others to overcome this problem but importing the casting in there raw state or buying the tools to make the toys themselves in fact they ended up with the dies that were later returned to Corgi UK ltd. KIKO models were only for sale in South America making them hard to find, This strategy proved very successful for the company but models were not made in large quantities. This makes the models that were made by Kiko very hard to find and at the same to very expensive to  buy. There does not seem to be any rule as to what sticker goes on what vehicle either and they were never well stuck either. With the models turning up with different stickers.. the main variations however are windows with red green, yellow, Blue with the clear windows being the rarest these colours are available in most vans.  All Kiko vans have “KIKO” on the base none of them have plane bases. If you do happen to have a plane based one then it is Corgi not Kiko.