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The Transit van is 40 years old this year and after a number of years of being asked to start one by friends and Transit fans I have decided to take the bull by the horns and do just that... start a transit van owners club.

Hot News

Ford have asked me to get club members to help ( together with their vans) attend a number of promotional events this year for the 40th Birthday. This means we are off to a flying start with the backing of Ford before we even start.

link on the events page to see more and look for the Ford oval.

I will try and answer some of your questions as I know you must have a few

Who am I ?

My name is Peter Lee. I am 55 married with four children and I have been driving my own Transits for over 37 years from the Mk1 to the new Transit. I have had them all from a pickup to a Martin Walker camper, from panels to customs and I love them all.

What do I know about running a club ? 

I have been involved in running one of the biggest van clubs in the world for nearly 20 years and in that time have done most jobs in the club from president to committee member, to quarter master and event organiser. I am still on the committee of the N.S.V.A

Why Now ?

I have a big Transit collection of over 5,000 memorabilia items and I have used them to promote the Transit for Ford at various shows around the world and as a result of this I have lots of contacts within Ford that have offered to help the Transit club in numerous ways. I have been asked by a few people from Ford why there is no Club for our best selling van.I didn't have an answer but I did have the solution.

If you would like to know more then please take a look.

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